When Should I Call A Tree Removal Service?

arborists removing a tree

Trees are an integral part of landscapes in the yard. They add a new aura to the entire home gardening and give it a beautiful view. However, sometimes they become damaged or diseased, creating a hazard that can damage your property or that of your neighbor’s.


At other times, they may become an obstruction that must be removed for building or other projects. Removing such a tree is pretty hard and will require hiring tree removal services for the task. These professionals also called arborists or tree surgeons will safely remove the tree, without causing any damage to your home or property. I first learned about tree removal sydney when i spent some time in new south wales a couple of years ago with an arborculture company.


In addition, they will ensure that the whole tree is removed and then clean up the area, making sure that everything from the waste wood to debris is hauled up. The following are the services offered by tree removal professionals.


Tree Cutting

Obviously, removing the tree is a pretty dangerous and highly skilled activity, particularly if the tree is quite large and is near a building as it could fall on the building, causing untold damage to the structure or even worse. In addition, while tree lopping may appear to be a fairly straight forward task, there are numerous things that can go wrong. When working with the team at www.shanestrees.com.au,  I really had safety pushed home to me everyday. When working at heights or with chainsaws, there is always going to be an element of risk inherent in the work. Arborists are trained professionals who are certified and accredited and understand all the dangers involved with tree lopping and removal.


A tree surgeon will ensure minimal damage to the surrounding environment while also doing so quickly and effectively, taking into account any branches that may cause problems. They also have complicated machines like chain saw to work on trunks and stumps.


Tree Pruning

Trees require pruning at regular intervals so as to keep them healthy. Poor pruning can result to damages that can even shorten the tree’s life. Therefore, you are required to hire experienced and skilled professionals to provide the service.There are a number of different types of pruning which includes crown pruning, interior thinning, elevating, shaping, crown reduction and natures cut. Tree removal professionals understand the fact that trees are a good addition to any garden due to their natural advantages. However, trees can be a nuisance if not properly pruned.


Stump Grinding

Once the trunk has been removed, the tree surgeon will then get to work on removing the stump from the ground. They do this because there’s a possibility that the tree may grow back – either up into the sky again or underground with its roots. Of course, whatever happens with it the stump on its own can be somewhat unsightly and so, the tree surgeon will use specialist equipment that effectively grinds the stump down until it’s no more.



Why You Should Hire Tree Removal Services

Removing trees yourself can be potentially dangerous to you and your property. Hiring a licensed tree removal specialist, be it a landscaper or an arborist, may not be free, but it can save you a lot of money in repairs later. While landscapers may not possess the same know-how to diagnose complicated problems with trees that arborists have, most of them offer professional tree removal at prices that are often lower than that of arborists.


These licensed professionals are fully insured. This means that if your property or that of a neighbor’s suffers damage as a result of the tree removal, their insurance will cover any repair costs. Should you remove the tree yourself and cause damage in the process, your homeowner’s insurance almost certainly won’t cover it — leaving you with a costly repair bill.

Further more, while in many cases a tree must be completely removed, there are some situations where a damaged or diseased tree may be partially salvaged. A professional arborist can assess the tree’s condition and suggest some options. Together, you can evaluate the pros and cons of total or partial removal. If you’re sure that you just need to remove the tree, most experienced landscapers specialize in tree removal services as well.


Removing trees needs pre-planning comprising of assessment of the tree and its location, followed by the tactics to be used to land it safely without damaging the surrounding objects. Tree removal services experts have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to help clients with all their tree service needs.

Leave it to the experts and save your family the worry that you will injure yourself!